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Fishing for food is one of the world’s oldest Professions. Despite the many changes which have been brought about in our lives by the advent of modern technology, small scale fishing hasn’t changed much. Small scale fishing is widely spread throughout the Mediterranean and provides a livelihood for thousands of people throughout the basin.

This pilot project aims to help small-scale coastal fishermen to overcome a number of problems which limit the true potential of the small scale fisheries sector offers st george island fishing charters. The main objective of this project is to facilitate and increase the level of involvement of small scale fishermen in the decision-making processes by exchanging experiences, provide opportunities for education and provide a platform for networking between the various stakeholders involved in the sector.

This will be done by increasing the participation of all stakeholders through improved access and sharing of information. Access to improved information will provide small scale fishermen with new perspectives and solutions from peers working in similar conditions throughout the Mediterranean basin. A number of activities will also be held to promote this dissemination of information.